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Lets all get a little Cahootify

If you’re experience or just setting out for a career or hobby in film-making there is on good place to start for you, Pete Francomb the serial entrepreneur has created a wonderful place to start and spread your ideas and projects to over aspiring and successful people. The social media site Cahootify is the place for anyone looking for anything to do with film. The site is based around its audience’s projects and lives only to help get its audience projects up and running. The site is a free online portfolio creation centre for the people who are ‘committed, engaged and up for making stuff happen’ (www.cahootify.com/company).

The site may not seem like a conventional social media platform however you can connect and share your ideas or projects with people just like on Facebook or Twitter, but on Cahootify it is not full of spam and non-relatable advertising. You can start your portfolio quick and easy and for an aspiring filmmaker this is a big bonus because who wants to spend hours trying to set up a profile?

The website completely runs from user generated content (UGC) and gives you the opportunity to showcase your potential talents to other individuals and potential customers to your projects. You can advertise your portfolio projects to the other users to make your name get out there, which for a social media site is exciting. Unlike Facebook, the social media platform is very professional and allows the user to concentrate on a business side of things. Although you can have a professional side on Facebook it is not entirely based on that, whereas Cahootify is more swayed to this, its about exploring yours and other peoples potential by looking at their projects.

You get the choice to add projects to your portfolio and are able to add ‘projects with needs’. For example if you are starting up a project and you need some more crew members or you need an extra opinion on your work then you can add this to your needs. Your projects and portfolio’s can easily be found one your page and if you want to re-visit a page you can save their profile to a shortlist by clicking a star on their page.

Cahootify has a simple use of taxonomy as when you go on the site you quickly see what category you make your user as, Skills or needs. Users have projects that are split into the certain taxonomy categories and you can easily find what you are looking for by using the categories as a guide. The Folksonomies are quickly found as well, as a tester I started up a project and it asked me if I wanted to use any tags, a quick and easy way of representing their folksonomies directly to the users dashboard.

Cahootify is very original in its own right and has its own quirky style that you don’t get with the popular and well-known social media sites. I found that LinkedIn, with its complete professional based platform, could be very similar to Cahootify because it has a few of the same goals. On LinkedIn you have the ability to recruit for new members of staff, by advertising job roles just like you do on your projects with needs on Cahootify. There is also similarities in the way you present yourself as a professional worker, and in a sense they are both like updating a CV, but Cahootify is shown in a much more creative way then the plain lacklustre LinkedIn. Flickr, the photographers meeting place has a close similarity to the creativity side of Cahootify by having its users upload photograph portfolios for the whole internet to see, however it doesn’t come across as a business site and is more just for people presenting their photographs. LinkedIn and Flickr cannot accommodate the style of filmmaking like Cahootify does.

The line between sites being a social network or online community is a fine one, a lot of sites can be spread over the fence, leaning to both sides and this can be quite common. What about Cahootify? Laura Johnson claims:

‘They revolve around a group of people you already know or have already met. Social networks are inherently unique to each and every person who has one for this very reason.’

‘The biggest difference between social networks and online communities is that communities form out of groups of people from all different backgrounds and histories. [T]hey consist of people who probably have never met yet are held together by a common interest or goal.’

This suggests that Cahootify could linger into both categories, couldn’t it? Lets think about it, Cahootify has the group of people who all have a profile for one reason, to connect over projects and their portfolio so in this part of Cahootify it could be considered a social networking site rather than an online community. However online communities are ‘held together by common interest or goal’. This to me suggests that Cahootify heads more into the online community direction because this is what the site is based around, people with a goal for their projects.

Image taken from http://www.intuit.co.uk/r/marketing/youre-not-leveraging-social-media-promote-business-youre-left-behind/

Cahootify, just like Facebook, lets you create your online personality to a tee. An important aspect is having a photo. Just like LinkedIn on Cahootify you should sway to a more professional photo as after all you want people to be impressed with your portfolio and a picture of you passed out on a bench just might not do the trick. This certainly would be a bad practice of creating an online presence for yourself, there isn’t many employers out there who would look more into your profile if that was the first thing they saw. An example of a good practice for setting up a starter page on Cahootify would be to keep your photo professional and sell yourself, make people come to you and get them intrigued about your projects. The aim of the game is to get people to help you out and view your projects, so it’s up to the user to make sure their profile is airtight and represents himself or herself as a professional.

Having a good online presence is the most important thing for sites like Cahootify because its about branding your product, you have to market yourself in a way where you get people to come back and see you or save your profile to their shortlist. The good thing about these style of sites is you can share your work across many different web 2.0 platforms such as Twitter or Facebook and this helps you market yourself and improve your online presence by making your audience realise you are here to work and you actually take pride in your appearance. Another way to market your online presence would be making a hashtag, something thats catchy and to the point and is relevant to what you want are interested in and what your projects are based around. twitter-117595_1280

Something I would suggest, as a musician is that their be a sister site or another section that revolved around music, because there isn’t really much out there like this barring SoundCloud but if Cahootify had the ability to adapt a music side into it I think that could be really cool, because you would get lots of start up bands and they might have projects with needs such as, needing a drummer etc. I think that could work well.

The good thing about this website is that it gives the amateurs and lower down workers an opportunity to express their beliefs and opinions in their projects and try and gives them a chance to try and break through the glass and impress others with their work. Sites like Cahootify are not about oppression they are about progression. They are there to help people realise their talents so they can progress forward with their ideas and projects until they have got to their goals. It’s a site with passion and meaning behind it, which is why it is so good for young amateur filmmakers.

So if you’re an aspiring filmmaker and want to get your name out there then go check out Cahootify because trust me, there is nothing else like it out there. You never know you might find a job for life on there…

The world of work is changing, are you gonna come a board?

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The christmas lights looking proper pox

Well, I didn’t think I’d be coming back on the Christmas band wagon but I just couldn’t help myself, The Loose Tapestries AKA Noel Fielding and Sergio Pizzorno have released, probably the best Christmas song of all time. Idris Elba raps on it, what more could you want?

Taking it back with a 70’s groove beat they bring a quirky vibe to Christmas, and this is what it’s all about, having fun and being a little bit weird. There has never been anything normal about either of these characters and this is what makes them such a good match, they have a unique bond of creativity and together have made such wonderfully weird pieces of music.

When I think of the pair I think of fancy dress, strange humour and weird lyrics and this is all completed in this one song. It optimises Christmas for me, you’ve got to have a little bit of a weird time and enjoy yourself doing or whats the point? It’d just be the same old boring day if we didn’t let loose a little. So this year why don’t we all take a leaf out of Noel and Serge’ book and get drunk on eggnog and become a little bit bombastic.

Can’t wait for Christmas to come.

Image taken by Alex Hodges (myself) in Camden, London

35 years later, it’s Christmas John

35 years later, It’s Christmas John.

December 8th 1980, New York.

A normal day for anyone, I suppose, except for John Lennon. The last day for John Lennon to be precise. A man devoted to peace and love shot dead in the streets of New York, a city that finally excepted him. Lennon, the working class hero gone forever.


Lennon, the man of peace and love would be in his 75th year if he was alive today, and coming up to Christmas it makes me think a lot about what he’d be doing today and I can’t quite figure it out. I like to think he’d continued releasing music into his older age and then slowed down into odd TV appearances on shows like Nevermind the Buzzcock’s, but this is just my Christmas dreams, I’ve been wanting since I was a child.

John was a very straight forward man and I don’t think that would’ve stopped in his older age, he would tell anyone what he thought and that’s what people loved about him, he was a hero to many people and more and he would be still be in everyones eyes today.

I decided to write this post because I hate all the generic Christmas hype that comes around at this time, Christmas is about being thankful and in light of recent events there is one person I am thankful for coming into my life. John Lennon, the peace preachers music showed and guided me when I was younger, he helped me see the world in a different way, strive for peace (now more than ever) and understand music properly and its why I’m here today writing about music now. If only the world knew the meaning of peace and love in today.

As Christmas is round the corner, we’ll be hearing Lennon’s Happy Xmas (War is Over) playing over the holiday, in my opinion my favourite Christmas song of all time and hopefully by next Christmas we will be singing this and the probable approaching war will be over. I think Cameron needs to sit down a give this a listen.

When I hear Happy Xmas it brings back such fond memories of Christmas and to think John Lennon was murdered just before his last Christmas is terrible, but his memory has lived on and will do so for centuries to come, the man is a legend and will be in our hearts forever.

All we are saying, is give peace a chance.

Merry Christmas John.

Used this image from www.thesherlocksmusic.co.uk

The defeaning silence punchline

So if you’ve been reading my blog, by now you’ll know I’m a bit of an arsehole when it comes to music. I have been ranting on about the change in music in my past few posts and you may know that I favour the older days of popular music barring some. But today I’m gonna change the pace for you, This post is about a little band called The Sherlocks.

If you’ve never heard of them before, stop what you’re doing and go check them out. Now.


The Sheffield based band are an upcoming blast of creative writing and musical talent. They have released 3 singles, and have played massive shows, including this years Leeds and Reading festivals, and are about set foot on their biggest tour to date in 2016. Oh yeah, whilst supporting one of the biggest British bands, The Libertines.

Thinking back to a bleak 2014 night, I’m hungover to shit, and almost throwing up at every swig I take off my Stella, it was a tough start but I’m still standing, or in the tiny Adelphi’s strange set up, sitting on a bar stool in the middle of the dance floor. We’re waiting for The Sherlocks to appear onto the stage. I’m nervous, I bought these tickets on a whim after I was followed by them on Twitter and saw they were playing in my home town, I thought why not, and believe me It was very worth it.


My hangover started to go, more pints were consumed and some horrible dance moves started to appear, it was out of my control. The Sherlocks just know how to please an audience, if I was alive in the 60’s, it’s what I assume The Cavern Club was like when The Beatles cast their magic across the stage. Imagine.

If you knew me, you’d know I don’t and simply, can’t dance to save my life but The Sherlocks songs just get a hold of you and take control, I mean they are one of a kind and they went away from this early tour and came back with some tunes, and I mean tunes. This is just one band you can’t miss out on, they’re one of a kind and need to be recognised. When they blow up big time and release an album I can say I saw them in a tiny shit hole in Hull.

‘Yeah more than you’ll ever know

You better listen this time

I don’t wanna let you go’



Taxonomy and Folksonomy of Twitter

Taxonomy of Twitter

Taxonomy is a formal classification using a tiered term structure.

One of the taxonomies of Twitter would be the classification of Verified and Unverified accounts. This shows up as a blue tick next to the Twitter handle of the users. It separates public figures from the general public. This is useful because it represents official accounts and therefore makes it easier to identify and search for them.

Also, everybody in the Twitter-verse has a unique Twitter handle and therefore it gives each user their individuality and makes it easier for them to be found.

The Tweets are ordered in a way in which the more recent are at the top of the feed. The most popular Tweets that become re-tweeted are also towards the top.

Categories of Twitter

People can create a list of users that share the same interests and views as them. Within this, recent Tweets and updates are shown so the user can be fully informed of popular activity.


Twitter Folksonomy

Folksonomy, or commonly known as social tagging, is a system in which users can apply public tags to online items, determined by everyday public. As a user the Folksonomies will democratise the way that information is structured; they’re more useful to users.The way we use the folksonomy on Twitter helps is determine who we want to connect with and who we want to target.

Elements of Twitter Folksonomy

  • Users/names e.g @alexhodges96
  • Hashtags #

Users will use hashtags to mark their resources, such as pictures, videos, webpages and podcasts etc. Users can click on these hashtags and or search for them and find relevant and relatable content that users have posted with this hashtag. For example if I want to find anything on my online generation course at university I can just search #MFC4322 on Twitter and see what has been tweeted.

Hashtags are abbreviations, word of phrases preceded by a crosshatch symbol. If a large number of messages share a hashtag, an algorithm ensures these messages have higher visibility or trend.

Twitter is defined by several characteristics that increases its structure: It’s accessible; there’s no hierarchy; it’s categorised content (there is a classification system that links ideas and comments, and it is completely user generated content.

Internal classification system

There are many different ways to search on Twitter. You can find tweets from yourself, friends, local authorities and everyone. By searching the topic keywords or hastags, your results will show a combination of Tweets, photos, accounts, and more. You can filter your results by clicking top, live, accounts, photo or videos, which are allocated at the top of your search results. You can also click more options to see above filters and from there you can choose to see results from everyone or from people you follow and from everywhere or near you


Has music lost its touch?

Has the few become the many? Is the modern pop killing music? Are more and more people standing up to the false, plastic and money making artists of the popular culture? I sure as hell am. I believe that there is less and less legitimate artists being aloud to break through the thick ice of musical popularity. The question is, do you agree?

I know what you’re thinking, ‘who is this self-proclaimed music expert a*sehole telling me what music is real and not?’ Well maybe I am everything you’re thinking, (I probably am) but really think about it. What happened to original music by original artists? The Beatles, The Kinks, The Specials, The Jam, The Clash and so much more, this is what I grew up with and what I perceive as good music, not songs on Capital FM that ALL sound the same. Don’t get me wrong there are artists out there in the pop genre who have broken through the threshold and have released their own original sound, which is brilliant, but I feel there is a certain lacklustre in the way music is produced in this modern age. I did some further research into this to see if I was the only one who felt like this, thankfully I wasn’t. I stumbled across a few articles that caught my eye.

I definitely think if you’re looking for an explanation on why music has differed you should check these pages out. The authors are very relatable, they encapsulate why I think the music industry is changing and this is why I’m sharing these with you. Firstly I found this article in ‘The Guardian‘ and some of it really intrigued me.

‘Modern music is just noise. You can’t hear the words properly. Those electronic things aren’t proper instruments. Why is it all so loud? You can’t dance to this, not like in my day. This is your father speaking. It’s everyone’s father speaking. It may even be you speaking’

Maybe I am being out of my age and should be more optimistic over the matter but I think I’m too far gone. The loudness and discouraging sounds of the modern day drum machines ruins music for me. The Guardian article really explains this and shows that Pop music has had a big makeover on the front in the past few decades but the worrying thing is the songs, might just have stayed the same. Some research shows that music is starting to repeat itself. Have you ever listened to a song on the radio and feel like you already know the words? Have you heard that same melody in a thousand other songs? Well you’re not wrong. An article on ‘The Smithsonian‘ describes pop music to be repeating itself over and over again, and well don’t you agree?

‘Musicians today seem to be less adventurous in moving from one chord or note to another, instead following the paths well-trod by their predecessors and contemporaries’

Just how easy is it to create a number 1?

I also found a blog that explains in detail about the change in music over the years and it gives you a lot of information on how lyrics in music have come back around, for example ‘Love’ being a top used lyric in songs in the 60’s and then making its return at the top in 2015, if thats not music repeating itself then pigs can fly. I just hope that there are some people out there who agree there needs to be a change in the way modern music is made and I’m not sure about you, but I know in 30 years time I don’t want people looking back on modern music saying ‘House every weekend, what a relic’. That is where I draw the line…but then again its out of my hands. All I can say is enjoy music, whatever is your preference but don’t forget you might have heard it before. Like I said in my last post, a different genre is only another door away, how about trying out a different genre and then see how you feel about the popular culture.

Don’t believe the hype.

Music the great communicator

‘Music the great communicator’

Probably the most accurate lyric concerning the identity of music. One of the most influential bands of all time, Red Hot Chili Peppers, uttered these words through the song ‘Can’t Stop’ in 2002. You can’t really get any closer to the point than they did. I really do believe that music is one of our biggest forms of connecting as a society, whether it was John Lennon as the voice of peace and love, N.W.A and their documentary style lyrics on growing up in Compton or Ludovico Einuadi and his classical style chilling everybody the f**k out within a mile radius (god I love that guy).

Music truly does have a big impact on people all over the world and helps bring together the most unlikely of friends all because of one song or one band. I’ve been to music festivals and seen thousands of people sing along to a song Alex Turner probably wrote in his bedroom as a 15 year old and I don’t know if anyone reading this feels the same way but I think that is beautiful. If one man, woman or band can write something (whether its a song or a poem) that can change and forge a generation and send them in directions they never thought they’d go and that is what music is about and that is why I adore it.

RHCP are right in saying music is a great communicator because it really is, I’ve met numerous people just because they’ve liked the same band as me and I don’t think anything I’ve done in my life has brought people together more than music has. It may sound weird but in my head I’ve always had this ideology of music being a house, and this house has doors to different rooms for every genre ever collaborated. Everybody gets to go to this house and go through a door and listen to some music from that genre, but the best bit about this house (music) is you can step back out the door and check out another and so on. Nothing really beats the whole journey of a persons loves for music, you have your style and it’s yours but its never too late to try another door.

‘Music the great communicator’